i-Wire(Asia) Pte Ltd is the personification of a leading manufac turer and distributor of cable and wire products in the Asian region. This embodiment is only possible through our dedication in providing the most absolute service and the ability to build formidable relationships with our customers and distributors. The i-Wire brand carries the exemplar of wires which are extremely durable and high in performance. We ensure that high standards are always maintained and also meet the needs of our clientele by fulfilling these key aspects:


Quality & Environment

As specialists in the manufacture of cable and wires, we are constantly updated with the latest technology available and we are prudent in the
quality of our make.

Our cables and wires are made from environmentally friendly materials and with the approved environmental specifications. Our cable, wire and assemblies are also Cadmium Free, Mercury Free, Chromium Free, PBB PBDE free in compliance with RoHS (2002/95/ EC) and European Standard EN71 Part 3: 1994 + A1 2000.

Product Innovation

We invest in our Research and Development teams who constantly pursue innovative products and safaguards our standards by making sure we constantly provide the highest quality to our clients. With such a strong team, we strive to become a leader in the innovation of cable, wire, computer, audio and video assmeblies.

Sales & Service

Our extensive product knowledge combined with our experience makes us mavens in this industry. Thus with efficient matching and through expertise advise we aid you with our speedy service to keep your systems running optimally, only to improve productivity by reducing your downtime.

Response & Delivery

Striving to provide excellent customer service, we educate our staff to be swift in our operations. A competent sales force complimented with a
resilient logistical team all equipped with astute management tools accomodates our ability to deliver i-WIRE products to any local or over-
seas clientele with speed.


i-WIRE (Asia) Pte Ltd commands a broad network of distributors serving various industries globally, We open our arms to partnership opportunities and enquiries be it sales or distributorship.